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Macintosh Plus
The Mac Plus was more expandable as the Mac 128k (RAM expandable to 4 MB). It was the first Mac to include a SCSI port. For the educational markets, the Mac Plus was sold as the Mac Plus ED.
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Processor: MC68000 / 8 MHz
RAM: 4 MB (original 1 MB)
ROM: 128 k
HD: none
CD ROM: none
Serial Ports: 2
ADB: none
Floppy: 800 k 3.25"
Sound Output: mono 8 bit
Sound Input: none
Ethernet: none
Monitor: 1 bit (black & white) 512x384
Power: 60 watts
Min System Software: System 1.1
Max System Software: Mac OS 7.5.5
Introduced: January 1986
Terminated: October 1990
Price: $2600 US

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